Concrete Equipment

The combination of concrete compression testing machine and the concrete beam testing machine, supported by a hydraulic pump and dual gauge depending on. The applications needed and refer to the ASTM C-39 and ASTM C-78.

Consists Of:

PP 24-1269-1C Console frame

Dual gauge 2000 kN and 100 kN capacity Hydraulic pump with hold pressure up to 10.000 psi. which is able to supply two frame compression and flexural tests. Ram piston speed can be set or multi speed by moving the handle and is also equipped with a handle releasing oil the resevoir. It is also equipped valves flexural jigs. Hydraulic pump driven by the motor 1 phase 50 Hz, 1 Hp, 220- V-AC. Dimensions (l x w x h) : 60 x 60 x 160 cm Weight : approx. 200 kg

1 set

PP 24-1269-2C Compression machine frame

4 colums rigid, to withstand the load to 2000 kN compression test, with security doors on each side and with top and bottom plates to more than 4 "thick. Frame is designed to meet the testing of concrete cube of size 15 x 15 cm and the cylinder High 30 x 15 cm in diameter. Hydraulic cylinder-piston. Mild steel cylinder and hard-cromed piston 230 mm. diameter single action gravity return, dimensions 3000 mm dia x 320 mm height. Overall dimensions (l x w x h) : 60 x 60 x 140 cm Weight : approx. 500 kg

1 set

PP 24-1269-3C Flexural beam test frame

Rigid frame to witstand the load 100 kN capacity, this frame to support test of flexural strength of concrete beam, sample size to 15 x 15 x 75 cm adjustable to lower size. Dimensions (l x w x h) : 100 x 50 x 100 cm Ram piston to rise down up to 10 cm

1 set

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