PP 23-1274 HYDRAULIC CONE PENETROMETER 100 Kn (10 ton capacity)
Soil Equipment

Easy to use and transporting, operated by hydraulic pump petrol engine. Design for soft clay and hard clay, reliable and easy to maintenance. Two guide cylinder with hydraulic driving capacity: 12,000 kgf. Two guide rod for loading. Open channel hydraulic valve by handle, to operate of loading or unloaded. Two hydraulic channel with hose and coupler system 10,000 psi. cap. Adjusment wheeling for transportation with 12" rough rubber wheel. Max driving capacity : 10.000 kgf. Max pulling capacity : 12.000 kgf. Stoke of hydraulic piston : 1200 mm. Sounding speed : 2 cm/sec. or adjust depend of operator. Hydraulic speed w/o loading : 10 cm/s. Reliable Petrol Engine with 40 ltr oil capacity of tank

Consists Of:

PP 23-1274-1

Hydraulic Driving Appliance

1 pc

PP 23-1274-2

Engine/pump Honda 9 Hp (petrol engine)

1 pc

PP 23-1274-3

Sounding rod 1 mtr (included plunger rod)

20 pc

PP 23-1274-4

Push and pull adaptor

1 pc

PP 23-1274-5

Spiral anchor 120 cm length

4 pc

PP 23-1274-6

Jacket cone (standard patent conus)

1 pc

PP 23-1274-7

Friction jacket cone (standard bicouns)

1 pc

PP 23-1274-8

Pressure gauge 0-150 kg/cm2

1 pc

PP 23-1274-9

Pressure gauge 0-1000 kg/cm2

1 pc

PP 23-1274-10

Tool box and spare seals

1 pc

PP 23-1274-11

Fasten press

1 pc

PP 23-1274-12

Rod Scale 100 cm, maximum capacity if required

1 pc

PP 23-1274-13

Hydraulic Anchor Spanner. Hydraulic hand pump.

1 pc

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